Why do I need to straighten the wicks?

Un-straight wicks will tend to curl over during burning and will often result in a flame that is too small to run the motor smoothly.

Can I use any tealight?

Every standard tealight we have tested fits our machine. However, we have found large differences in heat output as the list below illustrates:

Sainsbury’s own brand 10/10 Excellent
Price’s 7/10 Good
Yankee Candle 7/10 Good
Jelly Belly 7/10 Good
Party Lite 6/10 Inconsistent
Morrison’s own brand 4/10 Poor
Ikea Glimma 2/10 Very Poor
Tesco’s own brand 1/10 Very Poor

NEVER use the extra-tall types of tealight. They perform very poorly and will potentially damage the machine.

The tealight flames are really small and the motor is not running smoothly

Raise the adjusters as high as possible (without letting the baskets touch the rotor) and wait for a while. If this is still insufficient blow the tealights out and wait for the wax to cool before trying again with fresh tealights. Make sure you are using Sainsbury’s own brand, straighten the wicks and light at the very tip.

The motor was running well but has stopped.

Unless there is a mechanichal impediment stopping the rotor then this will be due to overheating. Lower the adjusters fully downwards and wait for rotation to resume. You can also take off one of the tealight baskets for a minute or two to allow the rotor to cool. Do this gently to avoid spilling wax.

How is best to clean spilt wax?

If wax has spilt into the mesh basket, wait for it to cool and then immerse in a cup of hot water. Allow the wax to float to the top and skim off when cool. Repeat if necessary.
If wax spillage has congealed the basket to the adjuster, allow to cool before holding over a sink and drizzling hot water over the affected parts until the wax melts and releases them.

The wick of the tealight is off-centre. Does this matter?

Off-centre wicks can cause performance issues but you can try rotating the basket to align the wick centrally under the rotor.

Where does the thermomotor come from?

Your thermomotor was invented, designed and hand-constructed in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire using materials sourced globally and locally.