Chakra Lotus (Indigo)

Made from Capiz and brass this stunning range of colours relates to the mystical seven Chakras of the human body. We add weight to these hand made tealight holders to enable them to run on our motor. Simply light a third tealight and drop into the middle to experience hours of subtle, ever-changing light. Using scented tealights adds yet another dimension to this sensory experience.


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Earth 8cm

Measuring 8cm in diameter and weighing over 700g, our Earth’s continents are accurately etched across the surface of the sphere. The clear oceans and frosted continents pass in front of each other as it rotates, creating a beautiful interplay of shadows and patterns. Beautiful and educational.


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A uniquely formed flower sits inside this faceted glass sphere. Contrasting magnification enhances the flower as it rotates on our unique candle-powered invention. Tinged with green, the hand-blown glass weighs over 500g and has a 7cm diameter.


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Spiral Facets

Simply stunning – especially in sunlight – as the many facets cut accross the 7cm diameter glass reflect and refract like a mirrorball as they serenely rotate. Hand-blown inside the glass are controlled-bubble spirals which whirl in a graceful dance, glinting in the colours of the tealights and their flames.


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Solar system

The harmony of our solar system is modelled inside a solid 8cm K9 crystal glass sphere. Curious magnification plays tricks with rotation making this a mesmerising piece. Placed on our unique motor this truly is Beautiful Science.


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Seven Sisters

Above a sea of blue, seven hand-blown bubbles circle each other, growing and shrinking under the effects of magnification as they gently rotate. Each bubble contains within it the reflections of everything around it and the unique effects of the solid glass make this a mesmerising centrepiece.


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Lemon Burst

A light and vivacious centrepiece evoking the feelings of Spring and rejuvenation approximately 7cm in diameter. Each unique bubble is hand-blown in the solid glass, extending like flower stems to the base of the piece and it’s frills of light-yellow and white.


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 Inside the solid 7cm glass, a white fountain of micro-bubbles bursts out of an aqua-green sea. The delicate strands of the fountain rotate gently, mingling with a dozen other small hand-blown controlled bubbles.


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A stunningly modelled, hand-blown centrepiece. A controlled-bubble ring encircles two nebula-like structures above a sea of aqua-green. Thought-provoking and unique.


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Stars & Stripes

A sea of glittering gold lies at the base of this hand-blown glass piece. A spiral of blue comes alive under rotation and a flag of controlled bubbles at the top changes shape and size as it turns, making an elegant and reflective centrepiece.


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A new and rare addition to our collection of centrepieces turning beautifully on our unique candle-powered motor. This witty and original piece is a hand-blown glass “Moon of Jupiter” with a diagonal facet. It measures 8cm in diameter and weighs over 600g.


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A stunningly detailed dandelion seed head is laser-etched inside the 8cm crystal glass sphere. At it rotates the dandelion seems to appear and disappear, reflecting and refracting as it turns.


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Our subtle and beautiful Moon is laser-etched inside this 8cm crystal glass sphere. The familiar face turns, catches the light and seems to almost disappear as it rotates. Serene and beautiful.


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Earth 7cm

Measuring 7cm in diameter our Earth’s continents are accurately etched across the surface of the sphere. The clear oceans and frosted continents pass in front of each other as it rotates, creating beautiful shadows and patterns as it turns. Beautiful and educational.


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Lush Lashes

Hand-blown inside an 8cm sphere two controlled bubbles are fringed by blue and red lashes above a bed of glinting silver, blue and red. Are they eyes or sea-creatures? Let your imagination decide.


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Dozens of facet-cut triangles make the surface of this 8cm sphere come alive under sunlight, spraying the walls with countless fractured rainbow dots as it rotates. Absolutely stunning on a sunny day.


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