Forest Innovations
A small design/manufacture company based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

About Forest Innovations

Forest Innovations is a partnership between long-standing friends Darragh Hewat and David Reed.

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Dave and Darragh first engaged socially over six years ago when they discovered they had both attended the same art college, albeit 10 years apart.
At that time Darragh was working in his small workshop producing hand crafted items from a multitude of materials whilst Dave was working as a freelance graphic designer with many of his contracts involving web design.
Sharing the same ethos they struck up a friendship that eventually saw Dave produce some graphic designs for Darragh’s products together with a small website.
Around this time Darragh was working on the ‘Thermomotor’ concept and approached Dave to collaborate with him on bringing a product to market.
Being fascinated by the magic of Darragh’s inventions, Dave immediately agreed and Darragh’s company ‘Forest Innovations’ became a two-man partnership.
It has taken several years to get the unique ‘Thermomotor’ to the point where all the production problems have been resolved and they are able to offer the thermomotor for sale.
Together through some hard times Dave and Darragh have motivated each other to keep moving forward, never giving up even when faced with what seemed like insurmountable problems and building a friendship that has become the foundation of ‘Forest Innovations’.

Press Release

Driven by tealights this unique device can carry a multitute of art and meditation centrepieces.

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Kinetic Art Takes a New Turn

Science with an Aesthetic Twist

New Motor Invented and Developed in UK – first new type of motor for over 40 years

In a digital age it’s a step back into the analogue – a place to get away from screens and back into the imagination. It puts us in touch with how things work, the delicate balances of natural phenomena that we build our world on – laid bare and beautiful.

It appeals equally to men and women, young and old – anyone who is curious and imaginitive seems to love our motor.

We’re looking to work with exciting artists who love to play with light to help us expand our range of centrepieces and we’re also looking to work with people interested in developing the potential of this completely new engine.

It works by creating a temperature difference either side of the magnets, which then draw the cooler sides of the rotor towards them, creating continual rotation until the heat source (tealight) is removed.

We based it on a crude early patent by the genius Nikola Tesla which we turned into a smooth rotational movement. The ‘magic’ material we use to create this effect is a closely guarded secret, but it is essentially a nickel-iron-copper alloy which we smelt in our own furnace before crushing and bonding it to the underside of the aluminium rotor.

Whilst the centrepieces can come from all over the world, the parts of the motor are made in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and hand assembled prior to being individually tested and given a unique hand-stamped ‘number plate’.

It has been a 10 year journey from the first ‘Eureka moment’ to the final development of a reliable motor capable of carrying the beautiful centrepieces which it does today.

We only use completely non-flammable materials, from the slate base to the glass centrepieces, and we have placed the safety of operation and use at the heart of our development.

Almost any type of tealight can be used – we include a list of recommended brands with each motor – but using scented ones adds another dimension to the pleasure of light and motion.

Customers find it calming and meditative – a silent and gentle machine that stimulates thought, imagination and conversation.

How it Works

Based on a Nikola Tesla 1889 paten, the Thermomotor is a unique British Invention.

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Ironically it utilises a phenomenon called the Curie Point, even though Pierre Curie arrived at it a decade after Tesla’s discovery.
When heated, the material coating the rotor disc above a tealight will exceed its Curie Point, losing it’s magnetic attraction, causing the material on the cooler side to become more attractive to the static magnet. This creates continual rotation as long as the heat source is maintained and the material has sufficient time to cool before re-encountering the heat source.
Whilst the machine looks very simple, it’s simplicity masks a sea of complex variables to do with materials, size, heat-transfer and of course the consistently inconsistent fuel source – the humble tealight (chosen for its ubiquity and simplicity).


Being a natural flame product, safety has been front and centre in the Thermomotor’s development.

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Entirely fabricated from non-flammable materials the base is slate and the machine parts are a variety of common metals such as steel, brass and aluminium. Centrepieces are similarly glass and other non-flammable materials.
The coating on the underside of the rotor – which makes it turn when heated by the tealights – is a crushed nickel/iron alloy of our own making which is permanently bonded in place. Each hand-assembled machine is individually numbered and tested before being allowed out of the workshop.

What our customers are saying…

“I love unique items and this falls perfectly into that category. Congratulations on designing and making such a wonderful product.”
Rebecca C.

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“Wow what an innovative design! I’ve always known thermodynamics to be a headache, but you’ve managed to discover the beauty of it’s use. I found your website and looked at all the different designs you have in stock. Lovely pieces, really. Very unique and memorable.”
Chloe L.

“I have just received my moon and my lotus and they are Absolutely stunning! Just mesmerising to watch. ” 🤩
Fiona S.

“Really impressed – the engineering, the presentation, the instructions – all of it. And the way the Solar system catches the light and shows different magnifications of the planets going round. We ran it all over Christmas. Beautiful.”
John G.

“I am so chuffed with my Blue ‘Chakra Lotus’ Thermomotor. Such a beautiful piece of kinetic art.”
Juliet L.


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Darragh Hewat: 07926 210 579
Dave Reed: 07549 228 938